Professional Positions Held: Minister of Education, United Arab Emirates (1971 – 1972) • Ruler of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (since 1972 ) • Member of the Supreme Council of UAE (since 1972) • Honorary Member of Centre of Middle East & Islamic Studies, University of Durham, United Kingdom (since 1992) • President, University of Sharjah since 1997 - President, American University of Sharjah (since 1997) • Honorary President for Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (since 1998) • Visiting Professor, Exeter University (since 1998) • President, Honorary Council, World University Service (WUS) (since 1998) • Professor, Modern History of the Gulf, Universtity of Sharjah (since 1999) • Honorary president of Egyptian Association for the Study of History (since 2001).

Honorary Degrees: His Highness was made an Honorary Fellow, African Studies Institute, 1977, and received an Honorary law degree (1986) from Khartoum University, Sudan. He has received honorary doctorates from numerous universities: Exeter University, U.K (in Literature, 1985); Faisalabad University - Punjab, Pakistan; Eastern Studies Institute, Academy of Russian Studies (in History 1995); from the University of Danbur; the Islamic University of Malaysia; South Bank University, U.K. and in 2005, from Mac Master, Canada.

Other distinctions: The Award of the Institute of Research in Islamic History, Arts and Culture (Istanbul) in association with the organisation of the Islamic Seminar, for the preservation of Cultural Heritage and encouraging of Education; a Decoration from the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO); the 2002 King Faisal Award for Islam and Muslims; the Gold Medal for Arabic Culture from the Arab Association for Education, Culture and Science.
His Highness received the French decorations Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres for Arts & Literature, and the Legion of Honour in 2003. In 2003 he also received the Medal for Human Rights from UNESCO for supporting children, schools and studies. He was Guest of Honour for Al Qareen 10th Cultural Festival, Kuwait, January 2004. His Highness' was made a Member of the National Geographic Society in 2004, in recognition of His support to this body chartered in 1888 for the diffusing of geographic knowledge and promoting research and exploration.

Works : Omani – French Relations (1715-1905) (Arabic/French/English); Return of Holako (Arabic, English, German, Russian) • Journals of David Seton in the Gulf (1800-1809) (Arabic/English) • The White Sheikh (Arabic, English, Russian, German, French, Danish,Spanish) • John Malcolm and the British Commercial Base in the Gulf (Arabic/English) • Arab-Omani documents in the French Archives Centres (Arabic) • Myth of Arab Piracy in the Gulf (English) • Letters of Somali leaders to Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Quassimi , 1837 (Arabic) • The Gulf in Historic Maps: Vol-1 (1493-1931); Vol-2 (1478-1861) (English) • British Occupation of Aden (Arabic) • Division of the Omani Empire (1856-1862) (Arabic) • The Rebel Prince (Arabic, German, French) • The Case (Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German) • The Struggle of Powers and Trade in the Gulf (English) • Ibn Majid (Arabic, Russian, Spanish) • The Reality (Arabic, Russian) • The Inborn Prejudice (Arabic, Russian, Spanish) • Memorandum on Kuwait (Arabic).