Janusz Lewandowski-Warminski (born 30 September 1922 in Warsaw,Died 2 November 1996) – was an actor, stage director, in the years 1952-1958 and again 1960 - 1996 and also the Director of the Athenaeum Theater, Stefan Jaracz in Warsaw.

Warminski passed the Extramural actor exam in 1945. Between 1945-1947 he was an actor and assistant director at the Teatr Polski in Poznan, and in the years 1947-1949 at the Grand Theater in Poznan Wojska Polskiego. Beween 1949-1952 he was at the New Theater in Lodz. He was, in addition to Kazimierz Dejmek, Danuta Mancewicz, Barbara Rachwalskiej, Janusz Kłosińskiego and Wojciech Pilarskiego, one of the founders of the theater. In 1950 he debuted as a director, presenting Dubrawa Alexander Makar Korniejczuka.

In the years 1952-1958 and 1960-1996 he was director of the Warsaw theater Ateneum. Over the years; he made the Ateneum one of the most important theaters in Warsaw, with much acclaim to its repertoire. Warminski created and maintained one of the most interesting band of actors. During the drive the theater often used contemporary Western repertoire; directed new dramatopisarzy Alemán texts. He also carried out a series of political and historical performances tuned to Polish history. He was active almost until the end of his life. The last release made was on the 10 June 1995.

Warminski also made seven television productions for Theatre.

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