The main event of World Theatre Day may be organized at UNESCO or at a place chosen by ITI, in Paris, or at another location. Since 2005 for most of the main events of World Theatre Day the message author has been present. Since 2009 the main event has included performances by or associated with the message author.

This year, the main event will be celebrated at the UNESCO hall in Paris on 27 March.
For this event, the French theatre and movie actress Isabelle Huppert will be the message author and will read her message on the evening of the 27. Please >>check here for the programme of the event and >>here for the invitation.

When you book, please write an email to wtd2017(at) with the full name(s) of all the people who want to attend the event and we will send you the invitation.

World Theatre Day Event 27 March 2017
Maison de l'UNESCO, Salle 1, 125 Avenue Suffren, Paris
7.30 p.m.